STELLAR series Polaris 1N+ Dual-glass Bifacial 620W-640W

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AIKO Efficient ABC Module

ABC module series: 465W+under 2m²
STELLAR series Polaris 1N+ Dual-glass Bifacial 620W-640W
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Higher combined power | Lower LCOE

Power : 620W~640W
12-year product warranty
30-year performance warranty
  • Efficiency: up to 23.7%
  • Low performance degradation: ≤1% in the first year, and ≤ 0.35%/year in the following years
  • Premium warranty: 12-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty
  • Better temperature coefficient: -0.26%/°C
Intersolar AWARD 2023
The world’s first XBC PV module red dot design award in 2023
  • Lower LCOE (for the same land area, ABC vs. TOPCon)
  • For the same area, the power generation is 7%+ higher than TOPCon and 15%+ higher than PERC.
  • The BOS cost per watt is 5%+ lower than TOPCon and 10% lower than PERC.
  • Lower O&M cost High temperature restriction and micro-crack resistance, front grid free, ensuring roof safety, reducing module failure rate. The same DC capacity with connection points reduced by about 5.5%.
  • For the same installed capacity, a 100MW PV power station reduces the land occupation of 24500m²
  • For the same land area, a 100MW PV power station increases the installation capacity of 5.8MW

AIKO-G-MCH72Dw 620-640W_Dual Glass Bifacial_Stellar 1N _EN_V6.3