AIKO’s High-Efficiency Modules Dominate Bosnia’s Largest Utility Power Station Project, Proving Their Worth in Europe

AIKO’s High-Efficiency Modules Dominate Bosnia’s Largest Utility Power Station Project, Proving Their Worth in Europe

June 30th, 2024

On June 30, AIKO and Tibra Pacific signed a significant procurement contract for the remaining 58 MW capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest utility power station project. This agreement confirms that the entire remaining capacity will use AIKO’s high-efficiency ABC Stellar Series modules, which exceed 23.9% efficiency. Once completed, this installation will become the largest utility ground power station in Bosnia and Herzegovina, marking a major milestone in AIKO’s expansion in the European market.

This contract continues a successful collaboration between AIKO and Tibra Pacific. Earlier this year, the two companies agreed on a 6 MW project, which has since been partially installed and connected to the grid. The original project plan was for 104.5 MW, with the first phase involving the purchase of 40.5 MW of TOPCon modules and 6 MW of AIKO’s ABC modules. After the grid connection in early June, on-site engineers found that AIKO’s modules generated 12% more power and reduced electricity costs by 3% compared to their counterparts. As a result, Tibra Pacific decided to switch the remaining 58 MW from TOPCon to AIKO’s ABC Stellar Series, aiming for full installation by the end of the year and grid connection by the first quarter of next year.

Robert, Chairman of Tibra Pacific, explained the decision to continue using ABC modules: “After experiencing multiple technological iterations in the industry, we took our time selecting suppliers and technology for the largest utility ground power station in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through rigorous calculations and comparisons, AIKO’s modules stood out in terms of efficiency and power output. My hands-on testing with AIKO’s modules during the Intersolar exhibition, including partial shading optimization testing and microcrack resistance comparison testing, further solidified my confidence in AIKO’s quality and performance. Additionally, Chairman CHEN Gang’s warm reception at the exhibition and the technical support provided by AIKO’s team for our project have genuinely impressed us.”

This contract signifies a significant milestone for AIKO’s ABC modules in the Southern European market, demonstrating their growing acceptance and value among clients and markets alike. AIKO’s rapid advancements in the utility power station sector are not only a testament to the company’s innovative technology but also its commitment to delivering superior performance and value to its partners.

About AIKO

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