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Promote equality in the workplace! Aiko was invited to attend the United Nations Global Compact Roundtable Meeting

December 29th, 2023

Recently, the UN Global Compact organized a roundtable meeting on “Gender Perspectives in Enterprise Talent Management and Diversity Strategies” in Beijing. Representatives from renowned authorities like the UN Global Compact, the United Nations Development Programme, the International Labour Organization and the National Women’s Federation Women’s Research Institute shared their opinions on themes like “equal opportunities in talent recruitment and career advancement, inclusivity in workplace settings, occupational safety, women’s presence in leadership roles, formulating comprehensive diversity strategies, and gauging progress in gender parity.”

As a global-leading new energy technology company, AIKO received an invitation to this significant event and actively involved in knowledge exchange interactions with experts and scholars.

Guided by the vision to “drive towards a carbon-free society,” AIKO spearheads sustainable initiatives in environmental conservation, social responsibility, and corporate governance, contributing substantially to the transformation of energy structures in economies. In 2023, AIKO became a participant of the UN Global Compact, refining its management alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals and robusting its ESG governance. Valuing sustainable development, AIKO regards talent as a cornerstone for its progress. It strategically focuses on organizational structure, employee development, women’s welfare, freedom of association, anti-discrimination measures, and communication mechanism, aiming to cultivate an inclusive,equitable and  diverse workplace. AIKO consistently attracts diverse talent, ensures balanced talent distribution within organizational structure, and endeavors to build a diverse workforce.