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In November 2009, the company was founded


In 2010, the first phase of 120MW production line was successfully put into production and the company’s first poly-crystalline cell was officially manufactured.


In May 2011, the second phase of 350MW production line was successfully put into production.
In 2011, the project was listed as “National Key Projects for New Product”.


In 2012, Grade A efficiency exceeded 98%, effectively improving product performance and stability.
The company was awarded as “National High-tech Enterprise” and established a Municipal-level Business Technology Center in Foshan.


In 2014, Guangdong Aiko Solar was awarded as Solar Power PV Technology Research Center in Guangdong.
The company was rated by Trina Solar as “Annual Excellent Vendor in 2014”.


In 2015, the company started to put mono-crystalline cell into mass production.
The company passed the second review for the certification of “National High-Tech Enterprise”.
The company was rated by China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group as “Annual Excellent Vendor in 2015”.


In 2016, the company established the key lab for crystalline silicon solar cell technology and application in Guangdong.
The company was awarded as “Technology-leading Enterprise in PV Industry” by the 10th SNEC PV Power Expo.
The base in Guangdong started to put ordinary mono-crystalline cell into mass production.
The company registered and founded Zhejiang AIKO Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd and started to build a manufacturing base featuring intelligent and efficient in Yiwu, Zhejiang.


The company completed its share restructuring and renamed itself Guangdong Aiko Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
The base in Yiwu was officially put into mass production, with products and profits made in the same year.
The company successfully developed the tubular PERC technology for mass production, taking mono-crystalline
PERC cells from labs to factories for mass production and finally to the market.
The company made the first global release of its bi-facial PERC cells, with the front efficiency of 21.5% and the back efficiency of 15%.
The company became the top-ranking annual PERC cell exporter in China.
The company established a provincial-level business technology center in Guangdong and was shortlisted for the “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2017”, ranking 317.


In Q1 2018, the company started mass production and shipment of its bi-facial PERC cells, becoming one of the main vendors for the third batch of “Lead-Runner Project”.
The company achieved a front efficiency of the bifacial PERC cell of 21.8%, with the back efficiency of that exceeding 15%.
The company’s production capacity reached 5.5GW, making it the world’s largest mono-crystalline PERC cell manufacturer.
The company started to build the second phase of Zhejiang Plant and the first phase of Tianjin Plant.
In 2018, the company achieved No.1 in both global shipment of PERC cells and the global shipment of bi-facial cells.


From July 1st 2019, the “bi-facial, dual-metrology and dual-classification” technology was fully applied in the development of bi-facial cells.
In July 2019, the company made its first global release of 166m cells and its 3.8GW 166 efficient cells was officially put into production in the base in Tianjin.
In September 2019, the company went public (stock code: 600732).
In October 2019, the company’s patent, Tubular PERC Bi-facial Solar Cells and the Method and Special Equipment for their Development, won the 21st China Patent Excellence Award.


In January 2020, AIKO Solar made its first global release of 210mm mono-crystalline PERC cells and announced the official mass production of the second phase of the base in Yiwu. In 2021, the production capacity reached 36GW.
From March 5th 2020, the company’s stock abbreviation was changed to “AIKO Solar”.
On October 1st 2020, Solarlab AIKO Europe Gmbh was established.


The company achieved No.1 in both global shipment of PERC cells and the global shipment of bi-facial cells.
In June, the company officially released a new generation of N-type back-contact ABC cells with an estimated mass production conversion rate of 25.5%+.
The company’s quality labs were certified with TUV Laboratory TMP accreditation.
The company’s tubular PERC related patents are awarded with China Excellent Award again.


In April, the company established Shenzhen Aiko Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary, providing integrated solutions on Generation-Grid-Load-Storage.
In June, the company promoted “Black Hole” series module based on ABC cell and integrated solution services, with the module conversion efficiency reaching 23.5%


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