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Technology that redefines energy, to build better lives for all

AIKO is a global-leading new energy technology company, focusing on the R&D manufacturing of solar generation products and PV-Storage-Charging integrated solutions, providing customers with solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules and scenario-based packaged solutions.

With the mission of “Empowering transformation towards a carbon-free era”, AIKO keeps on pursuing extreme innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Our Core Values

Pursue Cutting-Edge Technology

Redefine Photoelectric Efficiency and Quality Aesthetics

Build Partnerships for Better Value Creation

Key Tech Milestones

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Founded in 20092009
Invented tubular PERC technology2016
Invented and mass-produced tubular PERC cell worldwide2017
Bi-facial SE-PERC cell mass production efficiency exceeded 22%2018
Invented “bifacial cells metrology and classification” technology;
AIKO first to massive production of 166mm cell world-wide2019
AIKO first to massive production of 210mm cell2020
Innovatively invented ABC cell2021
First to launch ABC module worldwide2022
ABC module mass production efficiency exceeds 24% and cell mass production efficiency exceeds 26.5%2023
Achieve carbon neutrality with Burgenland Energie in Burgenland, Austria2030

Based on Global Development

2.4 Billion+

R&D Funding 2020-2023

86 GW

N-type production capacity planning

Smart Manufacturing

Self-developed core equipment

AIKO leads R&D of tubular PERC equipment for P-PERC era and core equipment for ABC cells in N-era, achieving synchronized development of process and technology, facilitating swift transitions to mass production from the lab.

Main equipment optimally selected and customized

AIKO has established partnerships with leading suppliers, and all main equipment is tailor-made.

Intelligent factory with flexible production

AIKO integrates process/manufacturing tech with the industrial Internet, IoT, and AI, maintaining industry-leading output per capita.

Define Quality Aesthetics

Five Core Technologies:

· Full area illuminated and all c-Si atoms electricity-producible technology
· All back electrode technology
· All back passivating contact technology
· Totally Ag-free metallization technology
· End-to-end innovation throughout the entire PV industry chain

Sustainable and Long-term Growth

100 GW+

The Cumulative shipments of cell

35 Billion+

Turnover in 2022


Global employee

1,042 Items

Patents granted


CAGR of Revenue Exceeded
In The Past 5 Years

Recognized, Proven its Excellence in
Global Market

Award certification

Intersolar AWARD 2023

Red Dot Award 2023

Award certification

Red Dot Award 2023

Customer Voice

Our customers have been enjoying their solar life and changing the world.

German vineyard Ellermann-Spiegel Project

This project applies industrial rooftops solution, using N-type ABC module series.

  • Carbon-Free City

    AIKO’s smart energy solutions integrate the philosophies of zero carbon, and craftsmanship to redefine energy for the modern era, allowing the construction of a greener, safer Carbon-Free city.

  • ESG Report

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