Powerful Energy Systems.
How Do They Work?

Powerful Energy Systems

Module Mounting System Inverter Storage App

N-Type ABC White Hole Series

Bezel-less Front | A Result of Cutting-Edge Technology | Mass Production Ready | High Energy Yield

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AIKO Pitched-Roof Mounting System

Automatic set | Complete set at one time | Quality Aesthetics | Safe and reliable

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Residential Three-Phase String Inverter

High Yield | Easy installation, O&M | Safety | Easy and stable grid-connection

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AIKO Residential ESS

Anti-islanding | Over Current | DC Reverse Polarity | String Fault | AC/DC Surge | Insulation | Short Circuit

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AIKO Energy

Energy Flow Chart | Income Statistics | Electrical Safety | Efficient Energy Conservation

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Solution A

PV System (8KW)

Module: AIKO-A-MAH54Mb * 18pcs Bracket: 6Kit * 3 units Inverter: AE-SPI-8KTL-S1 * 1 unit

Solution B

PV Storage System (5KW/10KWH)

Module: AIKO-A-MAH54Mb * 12pcs Bracket: 6Kit * 2 units Inverter: AE-HBD-5KTL-S1 * 1 unit Storage: AE-NBP-5K1-S1 * 2 unit

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AIKO Energy

We provide mobile smart energy monitoring and management software to power plant owners. This allows them to monitor their power plants and equipment in real time while visualizing their household power generation, storage, and consumption.
Power Station Operation – Visual and Controllable
Electrical Safety – Active Control
Intelligence algorithm – Energy Conservation Management

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