AIKO’s High-Efficiency ABC Solar Modules Achieve World’s First TÜV Rheinland Swiss Hail VKF Certification

AIKO’s High-Efficiency ABC Solar Modules Achieve World’s First TÜV Rheinland Swiss Hail VKF Certification

June 21st, 2024

[Munich, 21 June 2024] — AIKO, a leading global clean energy technology company, is pleased to announce that its high-efficiency All Back Contact (ABC) solar modules have successfully passed the rigorous hail impact test conducted by TÜV Rheinland and have been awarded the world’s first Swiss Hail VKF HW4 certification.

AIKO ABC modules achieve the world’s first TÜV Rheinland Swiss Hail VKF certification

Hail is a common natural disaster associated with severe convective weather, frequently occurring in mid-latitude inland regions worldwide. While most solar module manufacturers adhere to the standard IEC 61215 test, which uses 25mm diameter hailstones, AIKO has taken a step further to ensure its modules can withstand more extreme weather conditions. In accordance with the Swiss Hail VKF HW4 standard, AIKO’s high-efficiency ABC modules were tested with 40mm diameter hailstones, generating an impact energy of no less than 11.1J across 16 impact points.

The test, conducted at TÜV Rheinland’s laboratory in Cologne, Germany, demonstrated the robustness and reliability of AIKO modules, earning them the prestigious Swiss Hail VKF HW4 certification.

The test results confirmed that the modules maintained their integrity with no visible damage, no microcracks detected by electroluminescence (EL), no power degradation, and all insulation voltage and damp leakage tests passed. The successful completion of this hail test underscores the high reliability of AIKO ABC modules, showcasing their ability to withstand extreme hail impacts, and reinforcing AIKO’s position as a leading innovator in the PV industry.

TÜV Rheinland’s laboratory in Cologne is one of the recognized testing facilities for Swiss Hail VKF, operating under VKF supervision. The hailstones used in the test were imported from Austria, and the tests were conducted in strict accordance with VKF standards. TÜV Rheinland is renowned for providing professional, impartial, and reliable testing services for the photovoltaic industry, making it a trusted third-party testing organization for major solar module manufacturers.