AIKO and Libra Energy Partner in European High-End PV Market

AIKO and Libra Energy Partner in European High-End PV Market

September 13, 2023

Amsterdam,September 13, 2023 — Shanghai AIKO Energy Co., Ltd.(AIKO), a global-leading new energy technology company, and Libra Energy, Europe’s leading comprehensive photovoltaic distributor, have entered a supply agreement after a festive signing ceremony celebrated today in Amsterdam.

The agreement comprises the supply of 650 MW of AIKO ABC (All Back Contact) modules destined for different application scenarios throughout Europe and beyond. With this agreement, the customers of Libra Energy are able to realize their projects with industry-leading products from AIKO and reach their full potential.

AIKO and Libra sign 650 MW supply agreement

The two parties will jointly develop the high-end distributed PV market in Europe through this cooperation and serve their common end customer in the best possible way through an excellent cooperation in the fields of commerce, marketing, finance and logistics. 

“Every few years, we see a big leap forward in solar panel efficiency with the introduction of a new cell technology. With the introduction of the All Back Contact (ABC) technology, AIKO is able to deliver modules with a power of 450 watts peak and higher, making the output 40 watts higher than an All-Black solar panel of the same size equipped with PERC solar cells. Because of their premium appearance, AIKO’s solar panels are ideally suited for the European solar energy market,” comments Gijs Stevers, CTO of Libra Energy.

“Being a chosen partner of Europe’s leading comprehensive photovoltaic distributor Libra Energy, is an important milestone for AIKO. The cooperation between the two parties not only consolidates AIKO’s position in the European market, but also opens up a broader space for development for us,” says Tiger LU, CEO of AIKO Energy. ”AIKO will achieve sustainable development goals and strive to achieve greater progress in the global renewable energy technology field by strengthening cooperation and exchanges with industry-leading companies in the future.”

As a technology innovation-driven company, AIKO focuses on the development of global new energy system. With the mission of ” Empowering Global Energy Transition towards a Carbon-free Society”, AIKO continues to lead the development direction of the global PV industry. By constantly pursuing extreme innovation and cutting-edge technology, and challenging the limits of photoelectric conversion, AIKO makes that of the ABC technology infinitely close to 29.4%. In the future, AIKO will continue to bring green energy to the world with higher product efficiency and pioneering products, and use extreme innovation to drive the accelerated arrival of the era of zero-carbon energy.

About Libra Energy

Libra Energy is an importer, distributor and full-service wholesaler for renewable energy products and charging solutions for electric vehicles. Since its founding in 2007, they have obtained a leading position in Europe in the field of solar energy, offering its customers a very extensive range of products with extensive support and service. As part of the Rensa Family, they supply more than 1,800 professional installers, who install both commercial and residential PV projects in the Netherlands and abroad.
For more information, visit https://www.libra.energy