With 1,000+ Authorized Patents, AIKO Embraces Accelerated Development in PV Innovation

With 1,000+ Authorized Patents, AIKO Embraces Accelerated Development in PV Innovation

Aug 1, 2023

As of the end of July 2023, Shenzhen AIKO Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (AIKO) has consistently achieved technological advancements through independent innovation and has filed for a total of 1,770 patents worldwide. Among these filings, 1,020 patents have been successfully authorized, including 188 invention patents. To date, the cumulative number of authorized patents for AIKO has surpassed 1,000, marking yet another significant milestone in the company’s history of innovation.

The issuance of each patent signifies a significant technological advancement, all contributing to the progress of the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

As a globally leading new energy technology enterprise, AIKO consistently prioritizes technological innovation as the primary driving force for its development. Supported by the Global PV Joint Innovation Center, European Research Institute and other international R&D platforms, AIKO has achieved numerous global firsts through groundbreaking innovation. As a result, AIKO has emerged as a pioneering global enterprise in the invention and mass production of tubular PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), large-sized batteries, 210mm single crystal PERC batteries, as well as ABC (All Back Contact) batteries. The ABC modules from AIKO have also achieved a groundbreaking milestone in module conversion efficiency with a delivery efficiency exceeding 24%. This remarkable achievement redefines the potential of the PV industry in creating a zero-carbon world through exceptional innovation.

In the future, AIKO will remain committed to its mission of empowering a zero-carbon society with PV innovation. We will uphold the core values of pursuing utmost efficiency and exceptional quality, continuously innovating disruptive products and solutions for our customers, and driving the rapid advancement of the zero-carbon energy era.