AIKO Unveils 25.2% Efficiency ABC Modules at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024

AIKO Unveils 25.2% Efficiency ABC Modules at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024

July 3rd, 2024

July 3rd, 2024, Thailand–AIKO, a global-leading new energy technology company, unveiled its full range of high-efficiency n-type ABC(All Back Contact) modules at 2024 ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (ASEW) held in Bangkok. Among them, the upgraded ABC modules ‘INFINITE’ with a remarkable deliverable efficiency of 25.2%, attracted significant attention from a global audience and industry experts.

AIKO’s exhibit included several series of ABC modules for different market needs:

  • ABC ‘Neostar’ Series: The ‘Neostar’ module series aiming at the residential scenario, feature a power rating range of 485-700W, very high efficiency of up to 25% and upgraded roof-safety.
  • ABC ‘Comet’ Series: The ‘Comet’ modules series for the C&I scenario comes at power ratings from 650-680W and very high module efficiencies of up to 25.2%, promising optimal rooftop space utilization with fast payback and high lifecycle benefits.
  • ABC ‘Stellar’ Series: The ‘Stellar’ module series for the utility scenario is a large format (2382×1134) bifacial product. With a power rating of 660W, very high efficiencies up to 24.4%, and a bifacial rate of 70%, the ‘Stellar’ offers outstanding overall power generation performance. This product is designed to optimize LCOE for different landscapes, including ground-mounted power plants and floating power stations.
  • ABC ‘Nebular’ Series: The ‘Neostar’ module series feature a power rating of 460W, a low weight of 8.6kg, easy-installation, and high reliability, ideal for roofs with low load-bearing capacity.

“Our new ABC ‘INFINITE’ module represents a significant leap forward in photovoltaic technology,” said Alex Hang, AIKO Asia Pacific President. “We are excited to bring this innovation to the Southeast Asian market, where it will deliver unprecedented efficiency and reliability.”

AIKO is a leader in n-type BC mass production technology, offering ABC modules known for their conversion efficiency and quality. For 16 consecutive months, AIKO’s ABC modules have led the TaiyangNews global commercial module production efficiency rankings, delivering over 24%+ efficiency. The new generation of ABC modules, with ‘INFINITE’ technology, achieves a deliverable efficiency of over 25%, setting a new industry standard.

AIKO’s ABC modules feature optimized power output under shading, high-temperature suppression, better temperature coefficient of -0.26%/℃, and less performance of degradation(≤ 1% in 1st year degradation, ≤ 0.35% annual degradation from year 2-30), ensuring stable power output and reliability. These advantages provide financial benefits for customers. For example, commercial and industrial clients using ABC INFINITE 680W modules can see a 10.4% increase in installation capacity, a 10.6% rise in EPC profits, a 2.1% boost in IRR for owners, and a 5.87 million kWh increase in power generation over 25 years.

At AIKO’s booth, an interactive demonstration showed the performance of ABC modules under partial shading, maintaining a 30%+ power output gain compared to Topcon modules. This addresses the issue of power loss due to shading from objects like trees and chimneys, offering a practical solution for the industry.

With its ample solar resources and supportive government policies, Thailand is a key market in Southeast Asia. AIKO plans to work with local distributors to bring advanced, high-efficiency ABC products to the Thai market, aiming to provide higher returns for local customers and support the growth of the global photovoltaic market.