AIKO Energy SIII Platform

Digital Products

Digital Products
AIKO Energy SIII Platform
Commercial and Industrial
AIKO Energy SIII Platform

One-stop Service | Low-cost O&M | Intelligent Monitoring and Scheduling | Safety Warning

Health Status Management
Intelligent Optimization Operation Management
Data Report & Intelligent Diagnostic Analysis

Product Positioning:

  • One-stop AIKO Energy SIII Platform

Product Value:

  • Efficient Energy Management: Cloud-edge integrated control, better execution of strategies
  • Real-time Monitoring of Power Stations: Multi-dimensional real-time monitoring of power stations, equipment, and string levels
  • Equipment Energy Consumption Analysis: Multi-dimensional energy consumption statistics, automatic generation of analysis reports
  • Intelligence Algorithm Prediction: Safe and reliable application as well as optimization of photovoltaic and storage prediction algorithms
  • Worry-free O&M of Power Stations: Timely fault alarm, and rapid remote response