AIKO and Wattkraft cooperate on the EU Market for Distributed PV

AIKO and Wattkraft cooperate on the EU Market for Distributed PV

Munich, April 18 2024

Munich, April 18 2024 – AIKO, a global-leading new energy technology company, and Wattkraft, Europe’s leading distributor of PV modules and engineering system integrator, have entered into a supply agreement following a signing ceremony held recently in Munich, which is expected to lead to a growing footprint in the European market and establish a mature and reliable supply system through extensive distribution channels.

Being heavily involved in the European PV market since 2012, Wattkraft is a key strategic partner of AIKO in the European market. Under the agreement, AIKO will work with Wattkraft to supply the highly efficient All Back Contact (ABC) modules for various application scenarios in the European distributed PV market.

the EU Market for Distributed PV

Mr. Giovanni Migliore, CEO of Wattkraft, announced a strategic partnership with AIKO, highlighting a significant advancement in renewable energy technology. AIKO emerges as a trusted collaborator, offering premium-quality products featuring best-in-class conversion efficiency (24.2%) in commercially available modules.

Mr. Migliore expressed enthusiasm about the alliance, stating, “We are pleased to have found in AIKO a reliable partner that aligns with our commitment to excellence. Their highly stable and efficient products empower Wattkraft to introduce value-added services and elevate customer satisfaction levels.”

This collaboration marks a pivotal step for Wattkraft as they venture into the future of sustainable energy solutions alongside AIKO.

“As a company focused on technological innovation, AIKO has pioneered n-type ABC technology, which represents a significant advance in solar energy technology,” said Chen Gang, Chairman of AIKO. ” We are excited to work with our partner Wattkraft to accelerate the energy transition in Europe. AIKO’s Gen 2 solar modules with higher power rate, unique partial shading optimization, high temperature restriction and micro-crack resistance will enable our customers of all installation types to achieve superior efficiency, optimized levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and faster return on investment.”  

AIKO’s commitment to redefining photovoltaics and maximizing customer value is underscored by its relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. By continually pushing the boundaries of solar technology, AIKO remains dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet, but exceed the needs and expectations of its customers.

For more information, please visit www.aikosolar.com and www.wattkraft.com.