AIKO Unveils ABC INFINITE Solar Modules with Record 25%+ Efficiency

AIKO Unveils ABC INFINITE Solar Modules with Record 25%+ Efficiency

June 19th, 2024

June 19th, 2024, Munich – AIKO, a leading global clean energy technology company, introduced its upgraded n-type ABC (All Back Contact) modules “INFINITE” at Intersolar Europe trade fair. Modules in the product line, with improvements in cell efficiency and light absorption area, boost a maximum power output of 700Wp and a deliverable efficiency exceeding 25%, featuring a seamless, integrated surface.

The “INFINITE” series represent a comprehensive breakthrough in technology and processes, from silicon wafers and cells, to modules. By utilizing ultra-high resistance n-type silicon wafers and highly efficient ABC cell technology, combined with reliable 0BB (zero busbar) string soldering technology and innovative techniques such as hidden busbar and precise stacking, the cell coverage rate is significantly improved. This results in a larger light absorption area and higher cell efficiency, elevating the module efficiency to 25%+.

AIKO unveils ABC INFINITE modules with improvements in cell efficiency and light absorption area

AIKO’s self-developed ultra-high resistance silicon wafers feature a doping concentration lower than traditional wafers, with a resistivity greater than 30Ω·cm, and a tenfold increase in minority carrier lifetime. This ensures low degradation and high power generation throughout the product’s lifecycle, creating greater potential for ABC cell efficiency enhancement. ABC cells, with no front grid lines, achieved 100% full-area light absorption. Its 0BB technology reduces electrical losses and enhances product reliability through full-sheet lamination and soldering technology.

The non-cell area is approximately 6.5% of the module surface area. Reducing this area can effectively enhance module power. In the “INFINITE” series, AIKO moves the string connectors to the back of the module, increasing the light absorption area on the front by 1.1%. The innovative insulating materials used address the reliability challenges of hidden string connectors. Additionally, AIKO’s newly developed ABC precise stacking process eliminates cell-cell gaps and increases the light absorption area by 0.5%. The stacking process and the natural compatibility of the ABC module’s linear soldering reduce stress and minimize the risk of micro-cracks, addressing the reliability issues of stacking technology.

Chen Gang, Chairman of AIKO, stated, “The launch of the ‘INFINITE’ modules is another attempt of AIKO on the road to challenge the ultimate conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon cells. By making full use of sunlight in every scenario for more energy conversion, making each square of module more powerful, and maximizing the power output per watt, we aim to provide higher-value AIKO ABC products for various scenarios.”

The “INFINITE” series cover utility, C&I, and residential scenarios. The power output of the 2382×1134mm module has increased from 655Wp to 680Wp, with an efficiency of 25.2%. The power output of the 2465×1134mm module is 700Wp. These highly efficient and high-performing ABC “INFINITE” modules are set to deliver unprecedented value and returns for all customers.

About AIKO

AIKO is a global-leading new energy technology company, focusing on the R&D manufacturing of solar generation products and PV-Storage-Charging integrated solutions,

providing customers with solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules and scenario-based packaged solutions. With the mission of “Empowering transformation towards a carbon-free era”, AIKO keeps on pursuing extreme innovation and cutting-edge technology.

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